We are Support, and we build themes with an emphasis on typography and white space.

In terms of our creative process and aesthetic output, it is an experiment where we try to explore new ways to merge digital art with hand-made screen-printed graphics on clothing.

Creative Director – Diran Malatjalian


Diran Malatjalian, a professional designer and the founder of screenprinting-support.com is a man who has his own direction in life.

He does not follow the crowd, but instead finds new ways to accomplish design tasks that are better than anything he has seen before.

With degrees from both Harvard University and MIT, he knows how to use math to create artful designs that are one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

Editor-in-Chief – Andrea Nicolette Gonzales

Andrea Nicolette Gonzalez is an art critic who has been writing about contemporary art, urbanism, and social practice for the past few years.

Andrea’s work has appeared in various media such as Hyperallergic, The Huffington Post, and Vice. She is also the curator of the exhibition Feminist Art Now: Los Angeles, which opened at MOCA in September 2017.

She graduated cum laude from Barnard College with degrees in Fine Arts (BFA) and Political Science (BA), and received her MFA from UCLA, where she was awarded the prestigious James Irwin Scholarship for students pursuing careers in art administration or museology.

Public Relations Specialist – Briony Maeve

Briony Maeve is a British artist currently residing in California as a Fellow at San Francisco Art Institute.

Her transdisciplinary installations utilize a biopunk aesthetic alongside living media and the cultivation of flora in dystopian sustained systems.

Her work investigates ideas of social ecology, as well as both conceptual and practical resistance to modern-day ecofascism.

By highlighting the overlaps of hegemonic and oppressive structures in society, Briony draws parallels between her interest in biopolitics and environmental health and her emphasis on intersectionality and abolitionism.

Our studio

The ultimate goal is to push a metaphor that not only tells people about our brand but also allows them to express their unique personalities by customizing the clothing with original graphic designs. Hence, we try to create a synergy between our brand and the people wearing it as a way for us all to join together in an effort to help bring about a better world where we can embrace more empathy, unity, and kindness towards all humans beings and other living creatures.

For the past few years, we have been fortunate to work with many like-minded people in order to bring our vision into a reality at screenprinting-support.com. We appreciate their hard work, dedication, and passion not only for what they do but also for expressing creativity through visual arts and music.

screen printing

This is why we decided to share some of these artists with you here on screenprinting-support.com. It is our hope that this article helps them get more exposure so that people can see all the wonderful things they’re doing while pursuing their dreams from around the world.