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Improving the profitability of Printers and Suppliers
through appropriate Technologies and strategic partnerships

Printers today are faced with a wide range of technology and equipment decisions in an environment of declining pricing. Wise decisions about capital expenditures and effective implementation are key to profitable returns.

For suppliers, trying to gain a competitive advantage; partnerships with printers which insure products are effectively used and the right products are developed, form the cornerstone of successful business relationships.

Bob Erbstein, the principal of Graphic Transitions, is uniquely positioned to deal with these issues because of his broad experience as a printer, product developer and strategic planner.    

He joined Transcontinental Printing in 1987 and retired as corporate V.P. Technology and Planning in 2001.  Responsibilities included capital and environmental management, strategic planning and productivity enhancements.  During this time Transcontinental Printing grew from a $250 million insert printer to a $1.2 billion full service printer with plants in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico. Bob successfully led a capital program which supplied unique product formats, a complete digital workflow, including digital photography, CTP and remote proofing. He also created a new company, 40% owned by Transcontinental Printing, which developed a high speed variable cutoff folder.  Capital programs incorporated a combination of new, used and enhanced equipment, to maximize profits.  His leadership in strategic planning insured that technology provided a competitive advantage with print customers as well as reduced operating costs. 

His career in printing began in 1976 with Harris Corp. (today Heidelberg).  The first assignment was development of a family of press based controls for reduced waste and higher productivity.  Later activities included managing groups in strategic planning and marketing, engineering research and product management. He left Harris in 1986 to become a printer, to get a users understanding of the print industry.

From 1969 to 1975 Bob designed optoelectronic, digital controls and electronic drives for textiles and other applications. 

Bob holds a number of patents in optoelectronics and printing, including a recent one for variable cutoff printing.

Industry activities include the Web Offset Association Board of Directors, Research and Engineering Executive Board and Nonpareil Society. In recent years he has chaired sessions and given presentations on Closed Loop Color Controls and spoken about the need for improved partnerships between printers and suppliers.

His education includes an undergraduate degree in engineering from Cornell U. and an MSEE from Brown University.  


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