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Provide Professional services to Printers that are expanding through a building addition, moving to a larger facility, or building new. Also provide services to Printers in all phases of Materials Handling.

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A. John Geis has spent 40 years in the printing industry in engineering and manufacturing management positions, including 12 years as Technical Services Director at the Graphics Arts Technical Foundation. He started his business in 1989 and has assisted over 400 printers in their expansion programs. He has a BSME from Purdue, an MBA from Ohio State, and is a registered Professional Engineer. As GATF’s Technical Services Director, he developed a three-day workshop on plant layout that was presented to over 400 printing executives. He has written a book, Printing Plant Layout & Facility Design that GATF published (the Second Edition was issued in 1997) and has co-authored Materials Handling for the Printer that GATF also published (the Second Edition was issued in 1999). Areas of expertise in printing are:

Printing plant expansion

Expanding, relocating, or building a new facility is a sizeable undertaking and requires professional help in order to provide the best possible layout for workflow. While involving an architect and/or contractor is essential, it should not be before the plant layout has been planned. Determining area requirements, workflow, activity relationships, and future expansion capabilities are the essential starting points of any printing plant expansion.

Material handling and storage

Print manufacturing is largely a materials handling business. Handling and storing raw materials, work in process, and finished goods can utilize 40-60% of manufacturing labor hours. Providing recommendations to reduce damage, increase productivity, and obtain greater storage capacity in an existing facility will offer overlooked opportunities to reduce costs and improve profits.

Reduce and control waste

Printers waste, especially paper, and can make the difference between a profit and a loss. Knowing exactly where waste is created and how much is created is the first step. Developing methods to reduce the waste and then to control it are the next steps that will provide improved profits to all printers.

Improve productivity

An Operations Analysis Audit is an industrial engineering study of all printing operations to recommend man-machine-material improvements that will better utilize equipment, reduce operational time or labor hours, and improve productivity.


Materials Handling for the Printer
Printing Plant Layout and Facility Design


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