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Chuck Blevins & Associates

Chuck Blevins

8430 Radcliffe Terrace

Suite 101

Naples, FL 34120

Telephone: 239-348-9933

Fax: 239-348-7941


Administrative Office
5205 Dudley Street
Arvada, CO 80002
Telephone: 303-431-5909
Fax: 303-420-5330


  Chuck Blevins & Associates, an international consulting firm, helps clients navigate the complexities of strategic planning, process development, equipment procurement, distribution, and facility design.

Our strength lies in our extensive operational experience and methodology for strategic plan development and in our ability to make those plans a reality. We can implement what we recommend.

Our team of operations specialists, engineers, designers and architects has extensive knowledge of operations and process, state-of-the-art equipment, and facility design appropriate for each project. We also have the ability to present solutions that are based on our clients' business realities.

Because we treat each assignment as a unique project and apply innovative and leading-edge solutions, those solutions are effective and stand up to operational realities.

It has been said that we are visionaries, but our vision is based on experience.





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