Pre Press - Cameras
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Ad I.D. Year Manufacturer Distributor Model Price (US$)
01A-3 1990's   Escofot PrintMasters 893 $1,995.00
01A-5 1990   Itek Sir Speedy Printing 430 wpal $2,200.00
01A-4     Itek American Graphic Finishers 430 - S/N 1746 $900.00
01A-1 Various   Itek Efficient Graphics Co. 613, 615, 616-s $3.5K - $6.5K
01A-6     NuArc PR Plus SST1418TR $600.00
01A-2 1980's   NuArc & Brown PrintMasters 14 x 18 Horizontal Make Offer
01A-8 1990 Screen Beaver Engraving Companica C-6500D $800.00

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