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RSG Industrial Printing

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Commission only sales reps for continental US, Canada & Mexico.
Printing Sales Professionals
Multiple Quality Products - World Markets

Are you an experienced, commission only printing sales representative who’s earnings growth is stalled because the firm you represent has restricted press and finishing capabilities?  Do you want to sell larger, more diverse and better paying print jobs without disrupting your current business relationship and cash flow?

If the above describes your situation, this offer may be the solution for your earnings’ problem.

RSG Industrial Printing is a well established international print brokerage with clients in every state and more than 20 countries.  Based in Southern California, we market a wide variety of high volume, quality printed products for businesses and industries world wide.  With more qualified sales leads than we can correctly  service, we need experienced and persistent sales representatives in US and world cities who:
•  Have five years experience selling offset, flexographic, screen or stochastically printed products to their established customers;

•  Want to earn a much higher income representing a quality, professional printing organization;

•  Have good word processing, email and associated computer skills;

•  Use proper English and native country oral and writing skills [applicants will be tested.]  Multi-lingual skills are a definite plus;

•  Practice good telephone manners and apply professional conversation and closing skills;

•  Possess self discipline and organizational abilities for continued successful selling on their own without disrupting their current earnings or business relationships.

As you can see, RSG Industrial Printing is not seeking entry level sales representatives and does not offer ‘how-to-sell’ training.  We are offering you the chance to tell your clients ‘yes’ when they ask if you can print a product outside your current line.  We do pay the highest net split in the industry, and provide our sales representatives beautifully printed sales and support tools, a broad range of qualified, professional printers and finishers [more than 200 world wide], and international high speed computer, telephone, freight and courier services.  We will, if you wish, supply an unending flow of qualified leads.

If higher earnings for your professional sales efforts is your goal, and you seriously want to move to upper level professional compensation, please call for an interview.  We will require your resume.

RSG Industrial Printing
National Sales & Marketing Center
13577 Coachella Road Apple Valley, CA 92308-6022

Office   760-961-0803
Facsimile   760-961-0813
Toll-free   866-743-4066


Senior, experienced sales representatives for professional international print brokerage.


RSG Industrial Printing
Robert Giovannucci - Owner
13577 Coachella Road

Apple Valley

State: CA

Zip/Postal Code:




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Telephone #1: 760 - 961-0803
Telephone #2: 866 - 743-4066
Fax #: 760 - 961-0813

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